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My name is Jimena, i'm from Mexico City and this blog is to talk about my new adventure as an ICP in World Disney World for the 2014 Summer as a character attendant. I hope you guys like it! I have another adventure blog for my au-pair program, unfortunately that one is on spanish but if you are interested you can always use a translator or ask me anything :)

So here we go... Enjoy

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cover letter and CV

How did I applied to Disney ICP? Through my University, but you can do it also through the Disney page. You have to be enrolled on a University and have completed at least one semester to apply, if you already graduated there is also the Cultural Representative Program if you want to go to work for Disney.

The first step to apply is to send all the paperwork they need, your CV and a cover letter, explaining why you want to work for Disney and how is this experience is going to help you in your career. If you want to apply be honest in your letter, let the Disney representative who is going to read your letter know you, I know for a fact that the thing that gets you to the next round is this letter.

A hundred applied in my school, only ten of them got to the next round, me included and I feel so blessed, after you get to the next round the next step is a phone interview.

For that another post is coming.

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